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New download: Default Radio - Default Radio - 15

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File Name: Default Radio - 15

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011

File Category: Default Radio

Original Release Date: 2/27/2004

Hosts: decoder, lucky225, natas is now up. Email addresses:,, Discussions on giving out email addresses. It is decided that emails addresses will be given out to listeners who take part in a "scavenger hunt" for phone related items. AT&T's network is "better" than everyone else.s according to an AP article. AT&T will be rolling out VoIP services to 100 US markets this year. The FBI want a way to tap into VoIP services. decoder gets another call. It is not legal for VoIP service providers to record calls and then decode them later - this introduces difficulties for wiretapping since for it to be legal calls would have to be decoded in real time. With Vonage you can block call waiting. Doug drops after decoder says he is not meant to be on the show, and to go back to engineering it. decoder decides to call natas to talk about Asterisk but he is not home. AT&T is forcing some customers to change phones eg from the Ericsson T68i to the Ericsson T226 (which has less features) due to the fact they are switching their network. Lucky225 has a political announcement, he will be running for mayor of Guasti, California. decoder tries to call natas again, and gets through. natas is big on dumpster diving (PLA: Definition). decoder jokes about collecting rubbish by the truck full as an easy alternative to dumpster diving, then realises it is actually a good idea. There is a company called Ad Noodle who pay you for the privilege of being talked to by telemarketers. Lucky gets it to call the conference their are recording the show from, eventually it does. Since Ad Noodle called the conference line it must hang up - decoder leaves a voicemail message at the end of which it hangs up. natas calls up a number which announces half a CLLI Code. The DATU situation as discussed previously is becoming critical. "Critical Mass" joins in on the call-in number. Discussions on "Chrome Boxes" [boxes list] used to manipulate traffic signals. If two people have Chrome Boxes on separate sides of an intersection both lights will go green.. According to Lucky it is legal. "The news is not the truth" -- decoder. Lucky gives shouts to City Bank. decoder has problems with his email account - it was suspended after being used for insalubrious purposes. "A lot is always on Default". "Everything is always on Default"

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