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New download: Default Radio - Default Radio - 14

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File Name: Default Radio - 14

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011

File Category: Default Radio

Original Release Date: 2/20/2004

Hosts: decoder, doug

Lucky cannot be found. decoder has his stereo too loud - doug complains. New Jersey / Vermont DATUs have had all their password changed, they are no longer on default (which they have been on for years). New York DATUs are still on default passwords. "They are onto us" -- doug. If you dial a DATU it will give you a 440Hz tone. The Harris manual [] tells you the default user password for DATUs is 1111, and the admin password is *2222222. is a comprehensive telephone related information resource. Perhaps all DATUs are on the same new numbers. decoder / Doug do not like "The Broken". BinRev Hack TV is going to be a lot better - they will actually be going out war driving, not just talking about it. is a project to "scan the entire 1-800-944- exchange for interesting numbers". Caller ID / ANI spoofing is the latest, greatest subject at Default radio. Attempt to play a Sprint phone recoding [fails after the phones owner picks up]. Sprint PCS's phones as mentioned before, allow you to dial out from the voicemail however some limitations have been discovered (you must be calling from your home coverage area). decoder has the idea it may be possible to spoof from a cell phone in the coverage area based on the exchange of the number - there will be an update on this next week. decoder calls a couple of numbers attempting to get a turned off Sprint phone, but fails and promises he will have one for demonstration next week. doug gives out the call-in number. The was no voicemail. Doug reads out an email. Doug is on a Packet8 phone in Chino Hills. decoder calls the call-in line conference number but misdials, there is no one there. decoder dials again, there are people there. Someone on the conference plays some audio from September 11th. People talked about others in another conference were calling a Boston elevator and using the intercom on it. There is a particular elevator that also allows you to control what floor it goes to using DTMF (decoder will not disclosure the number). "0wning elevators" -- decoder. Telemarketers have now started sending fake caller id. Someone in the conference attempts to 3 way in Jason Scott webmaster of - it does not work. natas attempts it and is successful. Jason runs from a T1 line going into his house (It is pushing out about 30-40GB per month). People should pre-render web pages. gets about 100,000-120,000 unique hits per month. Someone apparently does not know a milliwatt number and attempts to DOS the conference call-in number by repeatedly pressing buttons on their phone. "Everything is allways on Default..." "... except for the DATUs"

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