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New download: Default Radio - Default Radio - 12

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File Name: Default Radio - 12

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011

File Category: Default Radio

Original Release Date: 2/6/2004

Hosts: decoder, doug

guests are lucky225 at la2600 with scroo & kurced. Talk about the "old days" with pagers. Lucky calls in too early and hangs up. Doug reviews on Packet8 and Vonage. decoder calls Lucky at LA 2600. decoder talks to Scroo (also at LA 2600) about Blacklisted 411 "Westcoast counterpart to 2600" an old-time hacking magazine which has just started up again. decoder, Lucky, and StankDawg have article in the recently released Winter 2600. Layer 1 a hacker conference will be talking place June 12-13th at Los Angeles International Airport Westin Hotel. Everyone at LA 2600 is watching Lucky and Scroo through the payphones. Scroo passes off the phone to kurced. Trouble with low sound levels on the phones. decoder calls AT&T (3G/2G/Go Phones) Customer Service "back door" (bypass 30-60 min queue waiting times) number 800-572-8071 Ex: 41547 pound. Lucky and Doug try to fill while decoder sorts out some issues with his phone. Lucky drops to take part in the LA 2600 meeting. Happy Birthday to Lucky225's girlfriend! There are two emails about the UK talking clock. 4 UK talking clock numbers are 0845-124-9068 (from the US 0-11-44-845-124-9068), 0845-092-8081, 0870-765-8081, and 0131-477-7676. It is no longer possible to buy talking clocks, but you can build one. In the UK 0845 is the prefix for a local rate non geographic number, 0870 for a non geographic nation rate number. 123 is the "official" number for the UK talking clock. Some UK website for VoIP are - Telappliant an 0870 number mapped a SIP phone and Sip Call a prepay VOIP to PSTN termination service. Doug calls the voicemail (*67-1-484-DEFAULT) there are several messages including one from Poland (some UK phones have different number-to-letter mappings). A lot of payphone phreaking goes on in Poland. Apparently there is a way to make calls to non toll-free numbers using Free World Dialup. Nokia 918 analogue phones are not susceptible to voicemail hacking - they do not have voicemail. Doug (voicemail 909-212-DOUG) is going to launch a weekly Internet TV show. decoder's voicemail is 206-984-3825. "Everything is always on Default". [An automatic voice message system (484-333-2858) is hacked]

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