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New download: Default Radio - Default Radio - 11.11 - Default Episode

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File Name: Default Radio - 11.11 - Default Episode

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011

File Category: Default Radio

Original Release Date: 2004

Hosts: decoder, lucky225

This is the "Default" episode of "Default" radio. Episode 6.9 has been lost. decoder did not like episode 11. Scroo will be on episode 12. Lucky225, and decoder have been playing with ANI spoofing. If you have your voicemail set up so you do not need to enter a password (default setup), change it. Your "FLEXANI" determines the voicemail box when you and listen to your messages on a cellular/mobile phone. Other things possible once a voicemail box has been hacked include changing your greeting. Lucky reiterates that FLEXANI is the only thing that determines the voicemail box which is not secure. Sprint's voicemail access number is [area_code][prefix_of_phone]-1111) If you spoof the FLEXANI to this number of another customer who has no password set up you will get into their voicemail. T-Mobile is believed to use voicemail access number [area_code][prefix_of_phone]-9999 (eg 909-319-9999). Sprint allows you to place calls using the voicemail - possibilities for fraudulent use. There are many ways to spoof your FLEXANI which is what most places (including credit card companies) use to verify who you are. Real-time ANI is only used for billing purposes. If you have a Linux box, and download Asterisk PBX software there are VoIP services which allow you to spoof your own FLEXANI (such as someone.s Sprint number). Lucky knows someone who has this setup (Note: Kevin Mitnick recently demonstrated this on TechTV). Lucky has an article on "ANI and Caller ID spoofing". Lucky calls the 800-555-1140 ANAC spoofing his FLEXANI to "212-001-0001" - it works (Apparently you can pass any 10 digit number - with a valid area code). New Vonage customers get a Motorola VoIP box (instead of the Cisco) which has some new features. When 3-way calling with Vonage both sides must pick up. With Vonage's new bug, you only get one 3 way, and must hang up / call again to 3 way to someone else. If you are calling a Verizon customer who has not got voicemail set, set it up for them. Small wireless phone companies buy phone error messages from other companies. Discussion on the Superbowl / reality TV (decoder's rant). Lucky pronounces telephony. "Partner Mail VS" (accessed on *7) administrator mail box is usually 99 with password 1234. Malicious hackers may break into your Partner Mail and change the default language to Cantanese. Audix (accessed on *7) to get in: [mail_box_number][password][pound_key] (no default password). Meridian Mail - get a voicemail, *81 to log in [mail_box_number][password][pound_key] (no default password). Hacking a "Mail South Inc." mailbox - Decoder enters 111, (unknown_dtmf) and gets into a voicemail box. decoder attempts to "hack" another voicemail box but the password has changed. On an unknown voicemail system admin mail boxes are usually: 999, 199, 500 - there is the possibility of DOS since message length is unlimited. Linksys default access details are username: admin, password admin or blank (no password). Apartment complexes electronic gate systems are generally not secure e.g. with (Syntex?) to login type ***, then enter 000000 (6 zeros) as the password (usually enter 1,4 to add a pass code, then ** to exit programming) Almost all apartment gate systems (which Lucky has come accross) are set on default passwords. Pizza Hut have an administration site where all you need to login in is the store number as the password and managers first name, last name, store number as the username. Receipts may have the managers name on them. decoder has a go at people with fake "Fisher Price" phones. Send mail to PO Box 1111, Guasti California, 91743-11111. Employee area doors with access keypads such as Walmart usually use the store number e.g. 1584. [Recording saying The ANI is 484-3332-858].

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