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New download: Default Radio - Default Radio - 09

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File Name: Default Radio - 09

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011

File Category: Default Radio

Original Release Date: 2004

Hosts: decoder, ntheory, lucky225

This episode was pre recorded due to Doug being on vacation. Bell South is getting out of the payphone business. A lot of people these days are getting away from copper landlines in favour of their VoIP / cell phones - decoder does not like it. "If its not copper, its not a phone" -- decoder. During blackouts phones such as VoIP will not work (unless you have a UPS), normal phone lines are reliable. decoder dialled up ABC news's on-air phone line to get the news during the blackout. 2.4 GHz phones will knock out a Wi-Fi network while in use. The 802.11a standard is 5.8GHz (same as the phones). 5.8GHz phones have a limited range. If you have not got a rotary phone in your house, you are not a phreak. Lucky has a pay phone laying around in his house. It is not a good idea to "scan" (numbers) on a rotary dial phone. If it was not for payphones decoder would not be a phreak. decoder feels bad for the kids growing up without payphones around. Captian Crunch was phreaking to reach numbers that could not be reached normally, not to get free calls. ntheory drops after some trouble with the modular plug on his phone. ntheory has a script to look up area codes at, he also has an AIM client to do the same. Default radio gets through 30/50GB transfer a month. There are no emails from listeners. Information on DATU units. is a Canadian phreaking site. decoder lost the password to Default radio voicemail. A listener suggests to name episode files (as the date in a standard ISO convention). ntheory suggests if people keep complaining to name each episode its md5 hash. Doug calls the voicemail, nttheory has left a message "ntheory owns your ANI" which has a callback number of 484-333-2858 (the Default voicemail number). decoder states they will not release any information how to spoof ANI the easy way as demonstrated by ntheory. Next weeks episode will be a SoCal special. "Everything is always on Default"

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