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New download: Default Radio - Default Radio - 06.9

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File Name: Default Radio - 06.9

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 13 Jun 2011

File Category: Default Radio

Original Release Date: 01/02/2004

Hosts: decoder, lucky225

Default magazine is available on Lucky225's webpage. decoder spent a single day getting the magazine together. Lucky recently got a new phone from AT & T (the Ericsson T62U). "Happy new year to everyone" -- decoder. Paris Hilton's phone number was 310-990-7444. Some AT & T employee got a list of AT & T 800 numbers and posted them on the Internet [Google Groups | Neisz>]. AT & T's main "back door" number is 888-799-1305. Lucky calls 888-799-1305 they quote a 10 minute waiting time, and no one picks up (the back door number seems to be tied up). Lucky calls another back door number and gets put through to the main number straight away who give him the number 866-293-4636. Polish pay phones have their own prefix's. Lucky tells the story of how he had two cell phones ring at the same time which were on the same number. Lucky puts out the theory that it would be possible to get the caller id of anyone on the local cell sites first call (after they switch on their phone). Lucky was at his moms house on New Years eve. Default magazine was released before the radio show. Episode 7 will be live. "As always, Everything is always on Default"

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