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New download: Default Radio - Default Radio - 06

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File Name: Default Radio - 06

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 13 Jun 2011

File Category: Default Radio

Original Release Date: 2004

Hosts: decoder, w1nt3rmut3

w1nt3rmut3 is the special guest on this episode. Majestic calls in unexpectedly then drops. w1nt3rmut3 got a ticket after someone else ran a stop sign. w1nt3rmut3 gets another call, decoder fills with Doug. decoder does not like SUV's. w1nt3rmut3 discusses lock picking and how it works. If you get pulled over on the street with lock picks the police may view them as a .burglary tool. which can get you in trouble. decoder has a catalogue from Shomer Tec who sell lock picking devices to law enforcement. There are $11 digital cameras (1.2mp) which you are meant to take back to get developed, however it is possible to get the pictures off the yourself with a Palm cable [Alternate]. decoder had flames come out the back of his Volvo. Doug calls "KDDI Japan Direct" (800-543-0051). 800 numbers for "country direct" are free since they are usually used for placing collect / credit card calls within that country. decoders favourite ring tone is the Japanese. Honda's Tokyo headquarters number is 011-81-3-3423-1111. Doug gets some UK country direct numbers and considers calling the US country direct number from the UK (using Free World Dialup who offer among other things a free VoIP to UK 0800 number service). Doug calls the Netherlands country direct, decoder can't understand it (it is in Dutch). The Dutch country direct operator will not do directory lookup.

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