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HPR - Ep0732: sikilpaake and badbit - spics on tech - episode 02

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sikilpaake & badbit - spics on tech - episode 02 ensenada hackerspace (norte lab) taller de electrónica para artistas miguel monroy the hacker ethic nortec meetings, workshops & spaces2600 shdh tequila valley protolab sdhacklab kindle unexploited features and jailbreaking screensavers, fonts, usb networking microphonegame boy flash cartridge, lsdj, chiptunes minimalist composers brian eno stockhauses philip glassubuntu 11.04 upgrading unity sucks shuttleworth boxing the project in, à la steve jobs what was so bad with gnome3? wayland an improvement but just too young probably lacks a lot of historical functions that most people in ubuntu haven't realized it needs on openbsd & freebsd will have to wait for eventual kernel mode setting supportal quaeda security measurescontact sikilapakee,_Yucat%C3%A1n!/tulakalbeyo badbit!/b4db1t! hermanos calderón - el camian little-scale - demons that devour human flesh sonido lasser drakar - visions

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