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HPR - Ep0733: Linux Packaging Systems (too many)

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Packaging systems: rpm, rpm5, deb/dpkg, ebuild, compressed files (archlinux), pisi, .tgz (tar.gz file) slackware/vector linux, .tlz (Vector Linux)Package managers: Program Distro(s) website notes apt debian conary Foresight Liux/rPath company handles distributed repositories, commit/rollback entropy Sabayon consists of Equo client (textual), Sulfur client (graphical) kpackagekit kubuntu uses policykit (any problems if booted computer from a live cd and mounted and chroot'd?) opkg openmoko lightweight; based on ipkg pacman archlinux pirut fedora it calls yum so it's just a gui wrapper? not sure how widely used...? pisi pardus (Turkish distro) was based on gentoo. as far as I can tell it now uses its own pkg format poldek Fedora RPM portage gentoo ebuilds, slapt slackware tgz slapt vectorlinux tlz; smart UnityLinux RPM5 synaptic ubuntu DEB; graphical frontend to apt urpmi mandriva RPM yum redhat/fedora RPM zypper opensuse RPMOther useful links:'> - conary - entropy - kpackagekit -, opkg - pacman - pirut - pisi - poldek - portage - slapt - smart - synaptic - urpmi - yum - zypper - 1) package burn out - will it get to the point where only either large distros or commercial distros have large repos due to the effort involved? 2) I've lost track of the number of times i've heard from people 'our distro doesn't have enough manpower to package ...' wouldn't it be helpful to not have to use our limited manpower in building redundant packages? 3) in 10 (or less) years when non-technical people take over at Redhat/Ubuntu/other large distro, will they use the package system as a club to beat the other distros with? I'm not sure how, but where money is involved, you can feel assured it _will_ happen. 4) current state of packaging systems in linux is like sound systems were 10 yrs ago. remember esd vs arts vs vs ...? each desktop environment had its own system. sound in linux was painful and a complete joke. it still has a ways to go but it's _SO_ much better now that it was. does anyone want to go back to that? pulseaudio isn't perfect but it's so much better than what we had before. and it's ONE system! can you image if printing and authentication were like the packaging systems? image if everyone had their own printing system instead of CUPs? imagine if there was no pam.d? 5) I believe packaging systems are NOT about choice. the exact opposite. it's about vendor lockin and NIH. (we'll do it OUR way because we can do it better or the 'proper' way. "so-and-so does blah, which is completely stupid") choice is being able to write a script in php,perl,python,bash,csh,... on the SAME system. that's choice because I can CHOOSE. If I have a debian box I can't choose to use RPM or ebuilds, same for those other systems. of the systems I've used: deb, rpm, rpm5, portage, (and tarballs if you count linuxfromscratch) and the managers I've used: yum, urpmi, smart, kpackagekit, synaptic, apt-get, emerge each system has little features the others don't. but there is nothing that one system has that couldn't be added to the others.

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