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Fun eBay stuff - May 2011 edition

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Here we go with another eBay list, some fun stuff I have come across in my travels:

A full Meridian SL-1, sometimes used as a CLASS 5 switch

A few "vintage" Northern Telecom P-Phone sets for your SL-1

Meridian 1 PBX system, still used in larger businesses

Was "SUPER RARE NEW IN THE BOX" when I bought one, it is a Millennium Desktop Phone

Nortel Millennium with keys

DMS-100 Alarm lamp panel, might look cool on a desk

Some cheap DMS-100 line cards, what each line on a DMS or remote connects to

Rotary dial Northern Telecom test set

It's a fancy leather wrapped Northern Telecom Contempra

Search and share your own, as you can tell I am pretty well versed in Nortel stuff so someone else will have to search for other brands :P


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Bell System hammer! The preferred tool of disgruntled linemen?

Electrospace MLP-1A secure Autovon phone. Ever see phone audio delivered over a DB-9 plug? Very bizarre.

Redcom SLICE softswitch. Depending on what you're doing, this could cost less than an Asterisk setup.

The true phone of a colorblind phreak

Bell system butt set. For hipster linemen everywhere?

Acoustic coupler


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