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using linux or freebsd on the viliv n5 (or other umpcs)

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Hi. I'm looking at maybe getting the Viliv N5 (or maybe the UMID bz, though it looks a bit tacky) and I hear that it has the Intel Poulsbo GMA500 graphics chipset. Are there any good drivers for that for Linux or FreeBSD or like what's the actual state of that situation? It seems many of the articles I read about that situation are fairly old and that I would have thought something would have changed by now. In particular, I want to know if 3D acceleration is even possible so I could play some games on it (then again, some things like from Steam for example can run in software mode).

Also there's the networking issue. Less of an issue though because both FreeBSD and Linux can use ndiswrapper to deal with that, but a native driver would still be nice.

Thank you.


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