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Garibaldi - Meucci Museum

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Many of you have probably been brainwashed from an early age to believe that Alexander Grahm Bell invented the telephone. Some of you may even consider that the true inventor of the phone was Elisia Gray (the other person who filed a patent for the telephone on the same exact date as AGB). However even less of you will realize that the true inventor of the telephone was Antonio Meucci.

Several months ago I had the displeasure of having a service call in Staten Island NY, and since I was there I decided to search for something to do before heading back over the Verrazano Bridge. I found the Garibaldi - Meucci Museum. Unfortunately it was on a Monday, and they are closed for tours on Mondays.

Yesterday my wife wanted to go to some store on shitty Staten Island, so I told her that if I had to endure going to that hell hole that I wanted to visit this museum. Unlike most things that I enjoy, she seemed to actually be interested to come with me to the museum.

I had mentioned to someone on here that if I ever did return to the museum for a tour I would try to record some video. I did record "some" and I really mean some, because there was not too much to record.

The museum is actually the home where Meucci lived with his wife - although the house was moved from the actual site where it was when he lived in it. Unfortunately the museum mainly focuses on Garibaldi who was merely a visitor at the home while he was in exile from Italy during his short stay in the US. Garibaldi went on to help unify Italy.

This house is where Meucci worked on his telephone invention, while Bell and Gray were still children. There is a replica of his telephone inside of a display case. I had only hoped that there would have at least been a working display unit of his telephone invention.

While I would not recommend anyone travel to the NYC area to visit this museum, because you will likely be disappointed, if you are in NY you should take at least an hour of your time to come visit this historical building and pay honor to the true inventor of the telephone - whose remains, along side of his wife are buried in front of the building.

For more information about the museum you can check out there web page here:

For those interested in learning more about Antonio Meucci you can check out the wiki here:


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