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Ubuntu and D2L

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I was chasing the wrong rabbit.

Using Ubuntu 10.4 and 10.10:


Could not login to D2L (Desire 2 Learn)

Entering the correct un/pw would not allow entry, it would just ask for the un/pw again.

Entering the wrong un/pw would pop-up a java window saying you're wrong, and redirect to a different (pseudo help) page.

If your university/school has a one-stop with a link to login to D2L, Clear your cookies at the D2L login page and it'll let you right on in.

Logging out of one-stop isn't enough, there is a cookie crumb interfering. Or simply bookmark the D2L page and totally avoid the one-stop page.

This might just be a local thing with my University. YMMV

This doesn't seem to bother win7 at all.

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