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Flamen Dialis

Setting Up an Elegent System

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About a week ago, after a year of learning Linux on Ubuntu, I decided to explore Linux more and do my own LFS build. It's been mostly successful, I just can't seem to get the Ethernet ports to work (its either an improper kernel config or a sysinit problem) so I've decided to switch to Arch Linux. But now with this clean system comes the question: what do I put on it? I've grown to respect and enjoy the terminal, but I don't want to leave Web 2.0 behind, so I need X. But the major desktop environments seem bloated and (at least this is how it's appeared to me) replicate system functions which not only reduces familiarity with the internal workings of the OS, but also severely compromises security. I was hoping for some help in setting up a system which did not obscure the Linux internals but was still powerful enough to handle modern programs (in particular I'm thinking Chromium and Blender). Also, I could use some help stocking up with hacking tools, and some advice on handling the age-old question: Emacs or Vim?

Oh, and also hi.


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