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FiOS: What is it really?

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A while back, I read an article saying all new FiOS installations from 2007 onwards were using some form of SIP transport to a Nortel softswitch, but now I'm starting to doubt that. I read a post by someone on a forum mentioning they'd just had FiOS installed (this was in 2009), and gave out their number. Curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to call it. The call turned out to be terminating not to any form of Nortel sorcery, but a 5ESS. Techs I've talked with before have told me using VoIP on a 5ESS is a major pain in the ass; to get it to work properly, you'd have to go as far as installing an adjunct softswitch. Also, the ONTs Verizon installs seem to support some form of ATM-based loop emulation. ATM being the internal transport mechanism for all but the oldest 5ESSes, I'm convinced they're probably using this.

This could all be a one time installation, though. If anybody has had a FiOS installation within the past few years, would you mind recording what you get when you make dialing errors? Most newer Nortel switches have very different sounding error recordings than a DMS-100, and 5ESSes are in a league of their own in that respect.

EDIT: When I say FiOS, I don't mean the FiOS Digital Voice service

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