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Disk full?

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I used ubuntus included live usb creator to make an install disk for a friends computer. it worked great installed and everything, but nnow i realized i can fight my teachers by booting into the usb in school to avoid my professors constant screen shut offs. They use this stupid zenworks and i have a teacher who is very trigger happy with it and it makes work very hard when he shuts off our monitors every 10 seconds to show us something.

Now linux can read the ntsf formated hard drive and the network so i can be fine using ubuntu on a school desktop, but....(heres the problem), it is telling me mmy harddisk is full, specifically my thumb drive. It is a fat 32 formated 4 gb usb-hdd. The os only takes up bout 1 gb (821 mb) and the drive appears to be 3.75 gb sooooo i should have free space right? Im not sure if when it is running it uses a little more that what it originally fills.

Also how do I disable the whole install or try ubuntu dialog box that starts after the splash ubuntu?

I just want to say that i am not trying to break rules at school and it is fine. I am just tired of having my teacher shut down my screen in the middle of me coding. I am sure everyone agrees being interrupted while in the middle of writing an algorithm.




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