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HPR - Ep0637: Every Day Carry

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In my youth I was an Eagle Scout and then a soldier so I tend to err on the side of overpreparedness. To keep this episode a manageable length I will only cover my on-the-body carry and leave discussion of packs, BOBs, car carry, etc for another day. Photo of items discussed: SAS Cricket dark safety glasses, usable as sunglasses: Done Hume holsters of the type I describe: A comparison of original and current Endura models: If you dislike the new Endura4 style you may want to consider the new Pacific Salt line; it appears to be based on the classic Endura. Corrections and Clarifications: The Scala 700 blinks by default, but the LED can be turned off.While streaming a2dp the Jabra 530 does blink briefly after buttonpresses then stops.The Endura's blade is less than 4" from tip to handle, making it compliantwith most pocketknife laws. Be sure to check your local laws and measureyour blade including the tang, because a LEO might do the same. It has beensaid, wisely, "You might beat the rap, but you won't beat the ride."

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