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HPR - Ep0631: HPR Community News 0x02

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Welcome New hostsguitarman, arfab, Ruji, and brother mouseShow Review612 guitarman:: Urban cyclist - Commuting613 JWP:: alternative investing and how the internet changes...614 PipeManMusic:: Intro To Audio and Pod/Oggcasting615 klaatu:: Urban Camping ep 2616 Dave Yates:: Surfraw617 Thistleweb:: So You Wanna Start A Band?618 arfab:: Installing Windows XP in VirtualBox619 KFive:: QSK: Episode 5: You're Driving Me Crazy620 klaatu:: Klaatu holds an interview with Tek Systems621 Dann:: Dann and CafeNinja Book Review: Ayn Rand's Atlas ...622 janedoc:: Influenza623 JWP:: nano editor624 klaatu:: Urban Camping ep 3625 pokey:: Network Cabeling at Resno's House626 klaatu:: Urban Camping ep 4627 Ruji:: From OS X to OS Whoredom to Linux628 brother mouse:: Tasker - Automation for Android Devices629 Ken Fallon::RSS 2.0 Specification with iTunes namespace630 pokey:: HPR at the Northeast GNU-Linux FestOther NewsComments: All comments need to be approved which led to a 50% reduction in bandwidth. Captas have been disabled. A rewrite of comment system is needed. Comment feed behind P in HPR Searching for WAV versions of the intro/outroKen was promoting HPR on the KnightWise KWTV LIVE 2010 : Day one. Hour 4Special thanks to Miai who endured the pain of uploading all episodes from ep0001 to ep0620 to archive.orgMailing List Newssigflup offered to put up an ice cast server to play hpr reruns and Dave Yates answered the callMore talk about the new RSS feeds. I still need more feed back on the test RSS 2.0 feedPokey has ordered a booth for North east linux fest and has ordered HPR stickers and is looking for help. Listen to episode hpr0630 for more informationHPR TV - Droops want's to do TV on HPR - everyone seems to like the idea. More on this as it develops.Jason Scott of has offered to mirror hpr for us.A year in reviewWe Published 131 of a possible 261 shows in 2010.We will need 260 shows for 2011 and so far we have 17 needless to say we need shows.There were 37 hosts.Contributing one show: tmacuk, Patrick L Archibald, Dave Yates, janedoc, Enigma, Roundtable, elel, thewtex, Johninsc, Thistleweb, Ruji, pegwole, cobra, FiftyOneFifty, Curbuntu, arfab, brother mouse, StankDawg, Flaviu Simihaian, guitarman, and DannContributing two shows: PipeManMusic, Quvmoh, Jared Mayes, and Urban KoistinenContributing three shows: JWP, sp0rus, deepgeekContributing four shows: lostnbronx, monsterb, and pokeyContributing five shows: XokeContributing seven shows: SigFlUP, and K5TUXContributing eight shows: Drake AnubisContributing ten shows: Ken Fallon Contributing eleven shows: Michael FoordContributing thirteen shows: finuxContributing twenty shows: klaatuDroops has offered to help improve the site stats.Thank You !Thanks to everyone who supported HPR in 2010 and have a great new yearA word from our spammersDespite all the comments been approved our dedicated team of spammers continue to visit.Links

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