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easy-creds v3.1 Released

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There have been some significant modification to functionality since I last posted here.

v 3.1 Includes the following enhancements:

- Revamped Menu Structure

- Added FakeAP Cleanup Option

- Added FakeAP dhcp3-server Interface Editing

- Added Account Parsing for dsnif & ettercap eci files

- Fixed all issues in BT4-R2 with FakeAP

- Catches and Handles Ctrl-C input from user

- dhcpd.conf configuration via input for FakeAP

- Host list file creation with nmap

- Option to use populated host file for Basic & Oneway ARP poisoning

- Updated definitiion.sslstrip file

I really don't see taking this script any farther. I think it is extremely functional and easy to use. Doing anymore would just bloat it.

I am open to QA on it though, code review and optimization, so please feel free to let me know.

Happy hunting!


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