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HPR - Ep0617: So You Wanna Start A Band?

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Many people only think about it from the fans perspective, without realizing the different steps it's taken to get to them. ThistleWeb talks about the current copyright cartel thinking in how it affects musicians. The same people who claim to speak on behalf of artists, lobby to enshrine laws supposedly for the artists. He talks through the process of starting a band and how often these laws crop up forcing the next generation of musicians to spend a LOT of money to stay legal, or be criminalized. Staying legal means coughing up to maintain the status quo.He ends with a brief comparison of how things can work under a Creative Commons license.He forgot to mention the parallels with the Musicians Guild in Discworld by Terry Pratchett, who send the assassins in to deal with people who think they can play music without being paid members of the Guild.

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