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Phone Losers of America book

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Just in case anyone happened to miss my billion or so posts on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and the PLA site, the PLA book is now available.


"The PLA’s 310 page book is a collection of short stories which take you on a twenty year journey of high-tech humor, culture jamming, and criminal mischief. From remotely controlling the overhead paging system of a large supermarket, to confusing the phone company with various call forwarding stunts, this bizarre collection of pranks will not only make you laugh, but will make you question the security and sanity of common, everyday business procedures. The stories contained in this book are based on the writings from and, some which have been featured in USA Today, the Boston Herald, 2600, on CNBC, CNN, TechTV, and countless other websites, books, magazines, radio shows and police reports."

You can get it from or directly from the PLA site, but if you want it cheap, it's only $10 from CreateSpace if you use coupon code HBHQJV9L. (Technically that coupon code is for church youth groups so they can get cheap copies to burn on Wednesday night services along with their satanic compact discs, but you guys can use it too.) You can also get the e-book version of it from bittorrent the PLA Store for $5.00.

So far nobody has sent me any angry emails, demanding their money back because the book is a huge pile of crap, so I can only assume that it's a brilliant piece of literature.


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