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Two mice and keyboards, one computer.

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I want to let a friend use my computer at the same time as I'm using it.

Basically two keyboards, two mice, each using multiple applications.

For example I check my email and use an FTP client, they surf the web and use Notepad. Both have access to 'a' common filesystem.

I figured simple as first, but perhaps it's not just a case of plug in and go after all.

Found a couple of programs, GlovePIE (after a more simple solution) and CPNMouse, but it is not longer developed. GlovePIE looks great for using different input device though, supports a lot.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows whether I could use an extra mouse and keyboard if I created a virtual machine using VirtualBox for example? Can hardware be used by a VM no problem?

Both machines will have separate file systems, but it's no problem to share between the two, in fact it's a benefit in some regards.

Looking for the easiest option really.

Thanks very much.


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