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We know Google has and shares our data. In the letters sections of one of the trade magazines I get, a reader mentioned ixquick.com , which claims to not store any identifying information or share any they have with law enforcement. My question is if anyone is familiar with this service, is the claim accurate, how good a search engine is it, and are there other similar searches available?


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Although an interesting topic, wired once had an article on this topic HERE . A quote from page 2 is :

Have search histories ever been used to prosecute someone? Robert Petrick was convicted in November 2005 of murdering his wife, in part based on evidence that he had googled the words "neck," "snap" and "break." But police obtained his search history from an examination of his computer, not from Google.

Not from Google but from his computer? I believe privacy concerns would be better placed at the computer and not search engines.

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