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HPR - 2600 NOW AVAILABLE ON BARNES Ep0591: sdf and openvms deathrow

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Our ventures into electronic publishing continue to expand. One week after debuting on the Kindle, 2600 has become available on the Nook, the Barnes and Noble ebook reader.

The magazine can be found at worldwide.first I wanted to share my contact information. and my rss feed to my show I wanted to talk about two places that really helped me in learning about the command line. Both do not run linux one runs net bsd and the other runs open vms. Both are so geeky you need to beat it away with a stick. I use really often and have learned so much from the use of sdf public access unix system. It was first done up in 1987 and I really like it. I saw it once in Seatle it is great thing to view. If you liked the old compuserve you are going to love this place. Its free but if you donate I think 10 bucks you get a lot more out of it. The second place is death row vms I did a pod cast with bev a while back and its agreat place to do unix. its based on open vms which if you can not love it you must hate cute kittens to. Bev has a lot compilers there which can save you so bucks. Free raid storage at both places. free email at both places free IRC at both places# A lot that geeks like at both places

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