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Downgrading iPhone iOS without SHSH blobs.

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Stupidly clicking the happy little iPhone upgrade button was retarded of me, as I had just found out about the duel boot of Android with iOS, I spent ages trying to work out why iTunes was kicking up errors and not letting me downgrade (I know, google was my friend) I googled and found out that Apple doesn't sign off old versions anymore, so no blobs = no downgrade!!! But wait, after much googling it seems that no one seems to of worked this out yet, the program you use (tinyumbrella) to find the SHSH is actually helping even when it cant find the blobs.

iTunes seem to throw up an error message and then send the iDevice back into recovery mode (little iTunes logo with USB cable) which leads people to believe that it hasn't downgraded, it actually has! Select the ipsw that can be jailbroken for instance, 3.1.2, and start the downgrade process wait for the error, when it goes back to the recovery screen, click "kick out of reocvery mode" on tinyumbrella, my iPhone then went to the home screen and activated as 3.1.2... Seemily impossible as I had no SHSH.

This might be really old news as it isn't exactly hard to work out, but I never stumbbled across this solution in my many hours of google use. I just wanted to share as I feel like I acomplised and learnt along the way.

Cheers for listening.



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