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Assigning drive letter to an old PATA drive in Vista

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Recently I found out that some files I had backed up were somehow (probably by me) erased from an external drive I was using. So now I'm trying to retrieve them from an old PATA hard drive to back them up once again. The problem is, I still have the drive but I don't really have anything in terms of hardware anymore to boot it from so I purchased one of these "ATA to USB converters" in hopes of just copying the files off the drive but am having a bitch of a time getting this thing to work.

Basically when I go into "drive manager" the PATA drive shows up but Vista won't assign it a letter, and Vista seems unwilling to let me do it manually either. Any suggestions on how to get access to this drive?

BTW, it's a FAT32 linux partition (some old release of Freespire IIRC).


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