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so i saw this a few days ago

After being in the Home VOIP Phone business for years, Magicjack is now preparing to launch a web based free call service to make totally free calls from computers, smartphones and iPads.

i would have quoted more, but i did not want to quote the whole article (it is kind of short) i am sure that is plagiarism and not covered under fair-use like just quoting a snippet...

anyhow... sounds interesting... currently only redirects to the magicjack website, and there is not much info that i could gather from the web, although it is mentioned on some sites...

that article was posted on the 18th which is last week, and claims that it was supposed to be launched "next week" in the article, so it should have arrived - yet no mention on the MJ site...

and while i am on magicjack... what happened with the femocell that magicjack was supposed to come out with? did the FCC and cellular phone companies squish that idea like i assumed when it was first announced?


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