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A U.S. based number for Tracfone (prepaid phone) support? (nevermind) The service around here has been kind of weird lately. For the past few days all the Tracfones in the area (that I know about) have been unable to make successful outgoing calls to landlines. They'll connect alright, and the person on the landline side is able to hear the person on the Tracfone, however the person on the Tracfone side either hears nothing, or their own voice looped back to them. Incoming calls are fine. The people at Tracfone's "We-don't-really-speak-English-but-we'll-give-it-a-whirl" help number haven't been too helpful. They said they'd check into the service here but that was after an hour long conversation about how they thought it was the phone's fault, so I'm not too hopeful.

EDIT: My phone, and the others appear to be working properly again, was a very peculiar situation though. I'd highly recommend anyone who owns one of these phones already, who hasn't called a landline in a while to give this a try and see if they can get lucky. For a while there, there was no sound at all, no ring, no loopback, just a message running across the phone screen telling you that you were connected.

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