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Antonio Meucci museum in staten island NY

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i have been pretty confident that alexander grahm bell had stolen the patent for the telephone from elisa gray (who filed his patent for the phone just 2 hours before bell did) i have heard aboud some other claims, but it appears that AGB actually stole the idea from meucci...

i fucking hate staten island, but i had a job out there today, and since i wanted to kill some time before heading back over the verrazano i figured perhaps there is some telephone museum that i could go to (i remember someone at one of the panels in hope (asking a question, not a speaker) said he wanted to start one in NJ somewhere) so i entered "telephone museum" into google maps on my blackberry... most results were for bullshit museums, that have nothing to do with telephones and were included i guess because they had a telephone number listed or whatever.. but the 3rd or 4th result was for this museum... unfortunately when i got there they are closed on mondays... but they are open tuesday thru sunday from 1pm-5pm, so i think i may actually voluntarily go back out to the shit hole that is staten island to check this out, this guy seems kind of interesting...

and supposedly he invented the telephone when AGB was only 2 years old....

i will try to get some photos and perhaps some video when i go (probably in a week or two)

and if anyone plans on going, the lady that i spoke with there is bonnie, and she said she is the one to see about the history of the telephone aspect of the museum and she is not their on thursdays... for those of you who are no where near this place, and want to think up some questions or anything, i will be more than happy to ask when i go.. .

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