Program turns recycle bin into recover bin

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I found this by accident.

Undelete 2009

The Undelete 2009 Recovery Bin catches all files no matter how they were deleted, allowing you to restore them instantly with just a few clicks of the mouse. The Recovery Bin mimics the directory structure of your disk and includes a powerful search function, making it easy to find and recover files.

It has other features but I like the thought of the above feature for sure. However the home edition is $30 and I don't think I want it if it's not free. Perhaps I'll bit torrent this.

In any case, I figured this program could make it easier to recover something deleted since you don't have to use data recovery software. I've used a recovery deleted files program but it doesn't always recover them and the data recovery program method is quite long since it also lists every damn file and folder on the entire hard drive which is a long process and only then can you find what you wanted out of all that. This program sounds like it makes this easier to do.


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