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GREX System to Terminate Dialins

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Moderators: if anyone thinks this is inappropriate or in the wrong topic (UNIX was the most related thing I could think of), feel free to delete/move.

As per the co-op thread, the GREX system admins are considering dropping their last two modem lines for system access.

For those who don't know, the GREX system is a public access machine in Ann Arbor, MI operating on similar principles as the SDF. Not too many people use the dialins anymore, and with the usage statistics the admins have collected, it's really hard to see a justification in keeping the lines in service. GREX holds special meaning for me as it was my first introduction to UNIX, back when it ran SunOS 4 on really ancient Sun hardware. Nothing like popping up the Windows 95 telnet terminal in class to check your e-mail, and having the teacher freak out because a student had a black window with green "hacker text" open!

Anyhow, it turns out keeping a single line up would cost between $20-40 a month, or 4-8 new paid subscription users. Subscriptions cost around $60/year. Last time I checked, GREX supports dialin speeds down to at least 1200 baud, and probably 300 as well. I thought it might be relevant to post here about the system, in case people would be interested in subscribing for a shell account in order to keep a dialin up. Since we have free long distance calling at home, I often dial in with one of my vintage machines to check e-mail or transfer files between home and school (they also support SSH/telnet logins, as well as FTP).

When it comes down to it, dialins are largely a forgotten and deprecated method of connecting to the system, especially with many free dialup services posted. While there are a few people who still use dialins with GREX, it won't be the end of the world if they go. I thought I might find some support, if any exists, in helping keep at least one line up -- I'm not actually affiliated with GREX, other than being a long-time user.

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