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Pharos Print Release Software

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Many of you who have visited a public library or university may be familiar with print release software. The print station is run by the software, and it serves as a payment acceptor for credits. When you release a print job from a public computer, it goes to the release station, which then releases the job to the actual printer when it gets paid.

Is anybody familiar with Pharos software? I'm wondering if there are any vulnerabilities or interesting keystroke combinations out there. I'm not sure what version I used the other day, but after you swipe your card, it lists all active print jobs. After you choose your job, it will print for you. Since a magstripe reader is merely an HID, I'm thinking there are some keystrokes that might open a hidden menu or something? There is a keyboard there in front of the print release station, so I could try any suggestions.

Before anyone asks, I am not looking for a way to print for free. The obvious (and simple) solution for this is to cut out the middle-man, the print release station, and print directly to the printer's IP address. I know how to do this, so I'm really just wondering what I can find out about this Pharos software. I'm not in it for destructive purposes, but just looking to explore and figure some cool stuff out.


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