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Ubuntu Hardy Heroine

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I am using Ubuntu Hardy Heroine, since it's release. Since running it i've gotten a few issues that I cannot find solutions to. I was hoping the binrev community might be able to help me with that.

1.) FireFox after a while of use starts acting funny, mostly when the computer sits idle for a few hours. However it does not happen all the time. What it does it lags, and has no sound for anything audio related. The audio still works on everything else except FF. I have to close firefox, than kill the proc in order to restart it, before it starts working correctly again. While i've dealt with this a long time, it just gets annoying. Any thoughts?

2.) Sometimes when restarting the machine (after its been acting up) it will hang on a blank screen saying *Killing ALSA...* it'll sit there until I hard boot it.

3.) Cario-Dock crashes after a while of use. I have the dock set to hide until scrolled over, and sometimes it just never comes back up.

... last but not least

4.) I have my windows machines networked with my Ubuntu machine. I set it up to be able to print to the printer hooked to my XP machine. Everything goes good until it hits the printer. It seems like the print spool hangs the process onces it hits the XP machine. I can see the print queue with the document I am trying to print on the XP machine, and sometimes the printer will say printing, but it just hangs from there. I have to kill my Ubuntu machine before I can kill the queue to print other things.

These are the little things that I cannot figure out, not matter how much I google, and to no avail of asking friends. If anyone has any insight please feel free to help.


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