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Im new here, any help would be very much appreciated

I dont have a technical background

Im trying to set up a "poor man's vpn" on my htc hd2 smartphone running windows mobile 6.5.

In other words, i want to use a ssh server as a proxy to browse the internet on my mobile phone using dynamic port forwarding.

I have this process working on windows xp but not on my smartphone.

read this if you dont understand:


The process on Windows XP:

Programs: Putty, firefox, proxycap

Using putty, I tell my ssh server to dynamically forward port 1080. Run putty, log into my ssh server.

At this point, if your browser has SOCKS support (firefox does), you can configure it to host a SOCKS connection at or localhost on port 1080. Firefox will now browse the internet whilst using your ssh server as a proxy.

However, if your browser does NOT have SOCKS support (no mobile web browsers do pretty much...if you know one, do tell ), you can instead use a 'socksify' program such as Proxycap. Proxycap is available on windows mobile 6.5 OS also.

Therefore, just to test proxycap on windows xp, I did the following. I used a browser such as Opera, with no SOCKS support. I then used proxycap to 'socksify' opera. This allowed me to browse the internet with Opera through my SSH server, even though Opera does not have SOCKS support. I want to apply this to a mobile phone browser.

The process on Windows mobile 6.5

Firstly - pocket putty:

I set pocket putty to dynamically forward port 1080 from my ssh server

I run pocket putty, I log into my ssh server.

Secondly - Proxycap (need this to socksify your mobile phone browser)

Proxycap settings:

Proxy servers:

Type: socks v4

HOST!?!?!?!: In windows XP, you would put localhost here. Heres where we find our first problem.

I dont think wm6.5 has a concept of localhost or 127.0.01 like windows xp does, Ive tried putting my device ID name in this field but that may or may not work - can any1 help me out here?

Port: 1080

Tunneling rules

Name: internet explorer mobile/skyfire

Type: tunnel through proxy

Proxy (uses what you set before): "deviceID name or localhost":1080

program: iexplorer.exe or skyfire.exe...whichever browser you want

I hit "OK" in proxycap

I run skyfire or internet explorer mobile, I tell it to go somewhere, but it cant find a connection/server etc...

When i click 'last error' in proxycap

"Connection timed out (10060)"

Any ideas?

In summary, does any1 know why this is not working on wm6.5, when the exact same thing works on winXP??

Does anyone know a mobile phone browser on Windows mobile that has SOCKS capability, so I dont need to use proxycap maybe....




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I am trying to do a similar thing on my WM6.1 phone.

Not having any luck either, did you ever figure it out ?


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I've done this before from Opera Mobile 10. I'm pretty sure this is how I did it:

1) In Opera Mobile, load about:config in the address bar.

2) Scroll down and open the Proxy section.

3) In the HTTP Server field, enter ""

4) Scroll down a little further and make sure the check the "Use HTTP" box.

5) Be sure to scroll down and click on Save.

You should maybe consider trying out Token2Shell Mobile. It's much more stable, finger friendly, and full of more features than PocketPutty.


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ozlo: Using an SSH server as a SOCKS proxy will only encrypt data between your device and the server itself. If you set up the server on and then tell Opera to use that as a proxy, wouldn't that just be setting up the server on the same device that you're making the request from, hence negating any benefit of the "poor man's VPN"? Or am I missing something here?

EDIT: Oh hey, this post is a little old....

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