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New download: Binary Revolution Radio - Binary Revolution Radio - 142

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[b]File Name[/b]: Binary Revolution Radio - 142 - Jizz Mopping
[b]File Submitter[/b]: [url=]StankDawg[/url]
[b]File Submitted[/b]: 28 Jan 2010
[b]File Category[/b]: [url=]Binary Revolution Radio[/url]
[b]Original Release Date[/b]: 2006-04-04
[b]Hosts[/b]: Black Ratchet & Strom Carlson

DDP hack radio server doesn't adjust to daylight savings time so no live show this week, BR explains his love of overcast weather, Strom is a sunshine kinda guy, problems with new channel on freenode binrev gets evicted from freenode channel moved back to dalnet, plot yourself on the <a href="">BRR listener Frapper map</a>, Research for UK listeners on when the UK first used it monetary system Email about buffer and stack overflows BR explains stack overflows extensively, a payphone booth found in the woods in Canada, <a href="">consult the fcc</a> to find out who owns a communication tower, BR tells about his trip to linux world and his print button woes the gentoo booth catches on fire, <a href="">Asterisk rack mount</a>, BR chatted with the <a href="">TTLS</a> guys should be on the next episode of TTLS, BR defines “Jizz Mopping” as malware spyware removal, droops maintains a host file that prevents adware, <a href="">nice site for spyware removal</a> including hijackthis and startuplist and cwshredder and <a href="">spybot search and destroy</a> and <a href="">Ad-Aware</a> are two others, <a href="">BartPE</a> gets rid of spyware that can't be removed by creating a bootable cd of your system

[url=]Click here to download this file[/url]

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