Apple releases Ipad

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The whole app store concept might work for the iPhone, but doesn't anybody else find the level of control that Apple has with this device downright scary? You are buying a device that is supposed to be a tablet "computer", but you technically cannot run a single app on it unless Apples says you can. On top of that it's an underpowered, overpriced, non multitasking piece of marketing.

A netbook for $200 less has TONS more functionality. It's not a horrible device, but people are making it out to be far more powerful/revolutionary/amazing than it actually is.

Yep, I think the only market for this device is Apple Fanboys. Really, the only advantage I can see over my iPhone is e-reading and iWorks functionality. Perhaps I'm missing something, but that just isn't enough to make me want to buy it. PDF's, and my netbook for MS Office or open office and even $499.00 in my pocket is a whole lot better. If the device had full OSX functionality I'd care a lot more about it.


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