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New download: Binary Revolution Radio - Binary Revolution Radio - 116

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File Name: Binary Revolution Radio - 116 - Intro to Phreaking

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 26 Jan 2010

File Category: Binary Revolution Radio

Original Release Date: 2005-10-04

Hosts: Black Ratchet, Strom Carlson, & Natas

AMD's naming convention is based on comparison to P4's, and not their clock speed. Phreaking is not used for free phone calls, and blotto boxing. Womenoperators started to take over in the late 1800's. History of how the <a href="">blue</a> box got started. The 3 real boxes are: black, blue, and red. Good example of modern phreaking is on <a href="">Default Radio</a>. Strom demonstrates <a href="">redboxing</a> with his own payphone. Phun things to do with phones. natas explains what wardialing is and how it works.

Click here to download this file


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