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New download: Binary Revolution Radio - Binary Revolution Radio - 105

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File Name: Binary Revolution Radio - 105 - The new regime

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 26 Jan 2010

File Updated: 26 Jan 2010

File Category: Binary Revolution Radio

Original Release Date: 2005-07-19

Hosts: BlackRatchet & Strom Carlson

Changing of the guard, SQL server paging <a href="">offset</a> <a href=""> solutions</a>, <a href=""> Tor</a> and DARPA, Binary and <a href="">other</a> types of backdoors,Owning others and ethics?, VoIP and <a href="">BT Fusion</a>, <a href="">xlite</a>, phone mods, web filtering and sysadmins, <a href="">Defcon</a> by phone, Strom's hacktacular new toys,upgrading PC's, <a href="">catsex</a>, <a href="">meet</a> your <a href="">hosts</a>, plans for future shows.

Click here to download this file


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