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New download: Binary Revolution Radio - Binary Revolution Radio - 096

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File Name: Binary Revolution Radio - 096 - Google Mining

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 22 Jan 2010

File Category: Binary Revolution Radio

Original Release Date: 2005-05-17

Hosts: StankDawg & Virgil

If all goes according to plan <a href="">Phreak Phactor</a> will be under constant construction, Apparently Stank and BlackRatchet aren't the only old farts, In case of phone company suckage the exits are <a href="">here</a> and <a href="">here</a>, Single <a href="">letter</a> <a href="">domain</a> <a href="">names</a>, Buying <a href="">expired</a> <a href="">domains</a>, Google Web Accelerator is <a href="">predominantly</a> for broadband, <a href="">Commercial</a> <a href="">skip</a> for Google, Google may be getting to big for its <a href="">britches</a>, How <a href="">memes</a> spread, Recommended reading: "<a href="">The Selfish Gene</a>", and "<a href="">The Meme Machine</a>", Spreading the vulgar meme, BinRev Radio is finally available in <a href="">Ogg Vorbis</a>, <a href="">Lossy vs. lossless</a> compression, A proper hacktivism site needs a community effort, Blog hacking, Hacktivism is about the hackers not the hacking, BinRev meetings will come to fruition, Be sure to check out the <a href=",21691,1053234,00.html">May</a> and June issues of </a href="">Popular Science</a>, Brief history of <a href="">data mining</a>, <a href="">Alexa</a> global rankings, Google has all the info and its yours for the taking, <a href="">Amazon</a> is all about data mining, <a href="">Google hacking</a> is not the same as <a href="">Google mining</a>, <a href="">Bell South project</a>, Virgils Data-Mining <a href=""> powerpoint presentation</a> from <a href="">interz0ne 4</a>, Transversing pdf and jpeg layers, Just in cast you live in Texas and need to know your mom's <a href="">maiden name</a>, Become the <a href="">CIA</a>, <a href="">NNDB</a> tracking the entire world.

Click here to download this file


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