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New download: Binary Revolution Radio - Binary Revolution Radio - 072

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File Name: Binary Revolution Radio - 072 - Proxy servers

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 20 Jan 2010

File Category: Binary Revolution Radio

Original Release Date: 2004-11-30

Hosts: StankDawg & lucky225

AS/400 Slide show soon?, Buck Dangler only does 69, A new lure for <a href="">phishing</a>, <yelling from roof tops>DO NOT BUY <a href="">SONY</a> PRODUCTS!</yelling from roof tops>, <a href="">If Microsoft made phones</a> I wonder what the <a href="">dial tone of death</a> would sound like, <a href="">Google Desktop exploit</a> coming to a <a href="">localhost</a> near you, International Email Extravaganza, All work and no pr0n makes Stank a dull boy, Remaining anonymous for <a href="">Internet radio</a>, BinRev commercial, Pros and cons of the "<a href="">Plam pilot</a>", Lottery scams that don't work in your favor, Every thing is random or predetermined, I forget one of those, Generating random numbers, <a href="">Oh, time, time, time is on my side, yes it is</a>, <a href="">Wired Magazine</a> is doing Lucky's media whoring for him, <a href="">Mario 64 on the Gameboy DS</a> is 1337, Lack of GSM towers in Florida, Wal-Mart kiosk hacking, upcoming Christmas presents from the DDP, Using Proxy servers, <a href="">Old school proxy</a>, <a href="">Spaaace proxy</a>, <a href="">Stayinvisible</a>, <a href="">MultiProxy</a>, <a href="">Steganos software</a> that would cost to much EVEN IF IT WAS FREE, <a href="">Are your proxies trust worthy?</a> <strong>note from stankDawg:</strong> The audio towards the end of this episode is messed up. It is not your copy, it was in the master copy. Thank my failing hard drive for that, but don't try to find a "good copy" because one does not exist.

Click here to download this file


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