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what you need to do it (spoiler cuz yeah if you read it it makes it alot easier than if you dont..)

you need to be able to mount a file with a filesytem e.g. "mount -o loop" need a hex editor, support for ext4/vfat/ext2 gpg also. it makes it easier because if you dont read this how do you know your supposed to mount the file?

help spoiler/hintz

ok the first one is vfat.. so open the image in a hex editor maybe there were files that were deleted/partialy still their. the secong one is ext4 so no point in hex editor again, but theres some info in the txt file take a guess at "daves" password. and yeah thats the finishez.

i put in a typoz on accident for daves passwords, theres 10 less days than their shouild be i.e. a 1 instead of a 2

edit: more descriptive spoiler for what the challenge was supposed to do.

1. just to think more as a hacker

2. find the last file

3. learn some basicish tricks for hiding/finding files

4. have some fun for once

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