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I’m asking you to consider the cost of providing the service of free local calling as a kind of tax on the tremendous cash cow of using public payphones as an advertising platform. It’s a way for advertisers to move in good faith towards restoring the balance of the old contract- which is, again: We shouldn’t have to see your ads unless you give us something in return. The problem of public advertising (and one of the big reasons there is such a backlash to it in the zeitgeist right now) is that it takes without giving. It only takes and takes and takes. It is aggressive, invasive, demanding, even illegal, and entirely one-sided. They are making MILLIONS off of us. Isn’t it time they gave something back? Isn’t it time we ended this one-sided abusive relationship?

Free Phone. It should already be happening. Let’s fight for it!


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perhaps we can get a list of locations for phones like this...

where exactly is this one... since it mentions it is in NY...

are there any limitations? is there a time limit on the amount of time a local call can last?

does the ANI-II still appear as a payphone, and therefore make it impossible to dial certain 800 numbers directly that bar payphone calls?


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