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Update user password in batch mode using pwgen and chpasswd

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# Script to update user password in batch mode
# You must be a root user to use this script
# /root is good place to store clear text password


# get all non-root user account
# By default on most linux non-root uid starts
# from 1000
USERS=$(awk -F: '{ if ( $3 > 1000 ) print $1}' /etc/passwd)

# create file with random password
echo "Generating file, please wait..."

# overwrite file, this is bash specific a better solution is cat > $FILE

for u in $USERS
p=$(pwgen -1 -n 8) # create random password
echo "$u:$p" >> $FILE # save USERNAME:PASSWORD pair
echo ""
echo "Random password and username list stored in $FILE file"
echo "Review $FILE file, once satisfied execute command: "
echo "chpasswd < $FILE"

# Uncomment following line if you want immediately update all users password,
# be careful with this option, it is recommended that you review $FILE first
# chpasswd < $FILE


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