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installing VZ DSL with linux or other non supported OS

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I had a customer the other day that I needed to install the DSL for...

the only PC that she had available was a linux netbook...

Verizon DSL tech support people are all pretty much retarded (1-800-567-6789) especially that filipino chick (if you ever spoke with her you know she is clueless)

so they go on and say what OS... i tell them linux.. so they are ok mac OS... and i say no, its linux, and the thing has no CD drive to install your crappy software... they tell me that linux is "not supported"... i tell them bullshit, and that i just need the settings to manually enter into the router... they refuse to give me the temp user name and password until speaking with the customer (this is not really needed since most DSL lines are now on open PPPoE where you can enter in just about anything into the user name and password field)

after doing this (i do not have DSL, so I will try to remember the setting - i believe it is in broadband settings in the main menu)

once that was all completed I was still getting redirected to the VZ activation page.... so here is the hidden page located on the modem... from that hidden page you can click disable on the bottom of the screen, this will allow you to get online... you can probably skip all of the other steps in the set up... next time I set up DSL for a customer I will see if i go straight to this hidden menu if i can get online with out having to go thru the set up on the CD, or changing the user name and password from the newdsluser default... .


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