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HPR - Ep0422: Comfortable Numblock'd

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ThistleWeb explains 2 tips with the keypad / numblock function. First is numblockx, a simple app which remembers the status of the numblock key across reboots. This is already installed and running in many distros but if it's not it can be added. Second is CTRL+ALT+NUMLOCK which toggles the keypad into a different mode, allowing you to move the pointer with the keypad.NumlockxNumlockx Project HomepageOpenBox - /.config/openbox/autostart.shnumblockx &Keyboard Pointer ControlPenguin Pete's BlogCTRL+ALT+NUMBLOCK to toggle mode on and off, there should be a beep each time you toggle1-9 = moving pointer around the points of the compass0 = right clickenter (on keypad) = enter a menubackspace = back to previous menuGo to this episode


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