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How to crack WEP like the feds, in 3 mins.

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Hey dude if you still can't get it to work on ubuntu try downloading the new version of Backtrack 4

It has everything you need for cracking WEP pre-installed.

There is also a way to crack WPA now but it has to be TKIP. I don't remember the other type of WPA encrytion off the top of my head but there is some articles about it.

I could never get kismet to work for me in backtrack but I did some tweaking to my configurations.

I have an atheros and it won't set my card to monitor mode so I did some research and got it to work.

Such as:

ifconfig ath0 up

wlanconfig ath1 create wlanmode monitor wlandev wifi0

ifconfig ath0 down

wlanconfig ath0 destroy

ifconfig ath1 up

boom i now have my atheros card in monitor mode so i can use airodump.

if you want to crack wep though you should setup your airodump to capture only IV's from a certain channel.

And if anybody can correct me on this maybe i am wrong but I have cracked a WEP encryption before with no clients associated except for me. I did the fake auth... then ran ARP inject. while both were running i stopped fake auth and used Deauth... after about 5 seconds of deauthing... my arp inject shot up to sending/receiving 300+ IV packets a sec. and that router i cracked in 3 mins or less.

Turned out the password was the companies phone number. I have actually seen that alone. I tried calling it for fun and it turned out to be their fax number.

If i am wrong and that is not suppose to happen, correct me because i could had swore you had to be fully authed with a router to actually get it to catch the right IV packet to inject. I didn't think a fake auth would do it but I was just trying it for shits and gigs.

anyways i hope this helps you if not anybody else who is having trouble.


I was recently reading an article here:

explaining how to get the WEP key for a network in 3-4 mins.

I am very interested in this, and wish to try it out on my own network. Sadly I am having some trouble using the 2 main programs mentioned in this article "Kismet" and "Aircrack".

I am using Ubuntu at the moment, and am having some slight trouble downloading these two. (Sorry, I only started with Linux a week or two ago :( )

I can probably get by without Kismet, as I know the SSID and Channel of my current network, but for me to try this out, I really need Aircrack.

Could someone please help me in downloading these programs and give any ideas which might help as I am slightly confused on some things mentioned in this article.

Thanks very much.


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I recently did an entire walkthough of just how insecure WEP is for a 4H computer competition and ended up winning...

Congrats for the Win. smile.gif

And 3-4 minutes is nothing, in my demo I got past my test network's 64-bit WEP in a little over 1:30!

3-4 minutes is for 104 bit WEP (Also known as 128 bit. 104bit+24IV= 128. I think I have covered that already, but just in case).

And do you have a video of you cracking it in 1:30. I would like to see how you did it.

And once again. Once I find my walk through, I will post how to get 20 WEP Passwords in 30 seconds.


I don't have the video offhand, but I was "cheating" a bit by having all the commands pre-typed up in a textfile including the SSID and mac address of my test AP. I was also using 64 bit wep. Then I just quickly pasted the commands into four different shells, and after about 1:30 I broke my test key. Sure its a bit unrealistic for a real world situation, but it really helped get the point across how insecure WEP really is.

I should make a video of it!

And I can do it in not significantly longer typing all the commands.


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