Protecting Yourself On Potentially Hostile Networks presentation

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This is a presentation I gave for the Kentuckiana ISSA on May 8th, 2009. It covers the basics of protecting yourself when using open WiFi on a potentially hostile networks, most notable Hacker cons, but also coffee shops, libraries, airports and so forth. Topics include: open file shares, unneeded services, sniffing and evil twin attacks. The talk is based on the Hacker Con HiJinx tri-fold I wrote awhile back.

It gave me a chance to test out my new recording rig, but I have to figure out something to do to get better audio sync.

Thanks to Larry for letting me use his picture in the presentation. :)


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Nice, more stuff to figure out.

As to the sound-sync, I just pretended it was a dubbed Kung Fu movie. ;)


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