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HPR - Ep0334: Toti

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Dramatic Audio Media, And Its Context

Shownotes -- In No Particular Order (Yay!)

First off, there's the Wikipedia page for audiobooks (strangely, they don't seem to have one specifically for podiobooks -- at least, when I

looked. Someone should fix that. But not me. I'm too busy. Or something.)

The Internet Archive's Old Time Radio "Gunsmoke" collection

Darker Projects (lots of fun going on here)

Decoder Ring Theatre (The Red Panda is da man -- and his female sidekick is too...rowaar!)


BrokenSea Audio Productions (lookin' good)


For live stage productions, check this guy out -- I haven't seen him, myself, but he's got right idea!

Again, not anyone I've seen, but they sure have the fire!

Original street sound f/x

By gezortenplotz (

NYC_street leve02l.wav (

remixed by yours truly

Intro and Outro music by the Benny Goodman Orchestra, "Sing, Sing, Sing", performed on the "Camel Caravan", on November 4th,

1939 (public domain, and available at the Internet Archive here)

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