anyone know any sparc floppy dist/os?

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Unless he can add a CD-ROM drive that works with his old SPARC system, he has to do it with TFTP. His machine does not come with a CD-ROM drive.

No you don't. Yes I know their ISO image and you normally burn it to a CD/DVD, but you don't have to boot it from a CD/DVD

and he was looking for a floppy image. and it might be a little big for a 1.44 -1.92MB or maybe 2.88MB.

get the image you need and extract all the files you need to install. tar them all up and then "split" them in size you can use on a floppy.

then ran a small floppy distro (if it's x86 tomsrtbt is great for this job).

format the harddrive install a bootloader. extract file to root, configure boot loader. boot.

I've done this before with an old laptop

yes this will take some time with a floppy drive or you can take out the drive and do all that on another PC then reinstall the drive.


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dont have a fancy 80 pin scsi raid on another cpu. just going to get a 50 pin scsi cd rom.

also it is sparc 32bit so there is not really any linux support at all im sure there are some older version that will run on sparc 32 but i dont want a 10 yr old rooted os. tried the open bsd floppy but no work. so going to have to get a $9 cd rom lols

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