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eeprom writer

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does anyone out there in binrev land have experience with rom writers? specifically, has anyone ever worked with a writer that had "family modules" or a similar device? on my writer, they look like old SIMM modules, and they have something to do with telling the writer the physical characteristics of the rom or something. :unsure:


ok, i've figured it out, and it basically comes down to short sighted design on the side of the designers of most rom writers. varying types of chips have varying pin-outs, voltages, etc and thus, need to tell the machine what's what. this seems to me like a scam for them to sell the little definition chips and that to ACTUALLY solve the problem is a fairly straightforward programming problem, and a perfect candidate for a future sourceforge project (once i gain some programming skill, that is <_<)

at any rate, WE ARE NOT AMUSED!!!!


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